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Faculty Education Feedback Booth for the UW-Madison Department of Surgery

On June 6th, 2017, Brendan Eagan and Amanda Siebert-Evenstone facilitated a faculty education feedback booth at the Layton F. Rikkers Educational Retreat: Scaffolding the Development of Expertise, hosted by the Department of Surgery at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. During the feedback booth, surgical faculty and...
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Analyzing Conversations Using ENA

Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) has the potential to model conversations in real time. In conjunction with speech-to-text software, real-time ENA can offer educators a way to visualize and analyze how their students talk through a topic or problem.  We demonstrate what this process might look like using a scene...
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Future of Learning (Or, why school can never be as good as a cool video game)

A recent Medea Vox episode showcases a conversation between David Williamson Shaffer, professor of learning science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a game scientist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research; Morten Misfeldt, professor in mathematics, information and technology at Aalborg University; and Daniel Spikol, assistant professor at the Department...
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“Purple State” Virtual Internships

A recent article from the College of William & Mary news showcases a collaboration between the Epistemic Games Group and Jeremy Stoddard (College of William & Mary) that developed a new internship Purple State. In Purple State, high school students play the role of interns at a fictitious political...
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Quantitative Ethnography

David Williamson Shaffer’s talk “Quantitative Ethnography” (Aarhus, 2016): The ability to teach and assess the development of complex thinking skills is crucial for 21st century educational research. In the age of educational games and the Big Data they generate, we have more information than ever about what students are...
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