Augmented by reality

Beckett, K. L., & Shaffer, D. W. (in press). Augmented by reality: The pedagogical praxis of urban planning as a pathway to ecological thinking. Journal of Educational Computing Research.
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Epistemic game plan

A recent article in techLearning looks at educational games in general, and highlights epistemic games in particular: A powerful argument for video games in schools as a concept whose time has come can be found in the 2004 publication, “Video Games and the Future of Learning,” by David Williamson...
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Epistemic Games

Shaffer, D. W. (2005). Epistemic Games. Innovate, 1(6). Reprinted in Computers and Education 46(2006), 223-234.
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More from Booz Allen

Actually, it is blogger Mark Oehlert. But he has a wonderfully concise–if academic-ese–summary of some of the key ideas behind epistemic games. He blogs: participation in a community of practice is a requisite but not in the way that most people would think. This doesn’t involve going to meetings...
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GLS 2005 – The Shifted Librarian

Our GLS talk – Games for Thought: The Future of Education & How We Can Get There – was recently summarized in Jenny Levine’s blog, The Shifted Librarian. She also talks a bit about what she learned at GLS, and what she’s hoping to apply to her library and...
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