Epistemic game plan

A recent article in techLearning looks at educational games in general, and highlights epistemic games in particular: A powerful argument for video games in schools as a concept whose time has come can be found in the 2004 publication, “Video Games and the Future of Learning,” by David Williamson...
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Epistemic Games

Shaffer, D. W. (2005). Epistemic Games. Innovate, 1(6). Reprinted in Computers and Education 46(2006), 223-234.
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More from Booz Allen

Actually, it is blogger Mark Oehlert. But he has a wonderfully concise–if academic-ese–summary of some of the key ideas behind epistemic games. He blogs: participation in a community of practice is a requisite but not in the way that most people would think. This doesn’t involve going to meetings...
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GLS 2005 – The Shifted Librarian

Our GLS talk – Games for Thought: The Future of Education & How We Can Get There – was recently summarized in Jenny Levine’s blog, The Shifted Librarian. She also talks a bit about what she learned at GLS, and what she’s hoping to apply to her library and...
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Gotta Love ’em!!!

A Booz Allen consultant writes on his blog: Meet David Shaffer from the University of Wisconsin. Go here and read everything…. The comments are complementary, and pointed several other bloggers toward the site. The power of blogs at work!
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