Picking up Steam: Why the STEAM Games Movement is the Next Big Thing

Our own Golnaz Arastoopour discusses the STEAM movement and the future of educational games in the International Game Developers Association newsletter, IGDA Perspectives: Digital games and simulations have the potential to completely change the way we think about educating our youth and preparing them to be responsible citizens. The...
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Partnership to Stimulate High School Student Interest in Engineering

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Long Beach Unified School District to develop an engineering virtual internship for high school students in California. The virtual internship will be offered in two courses this summer for students participating in the district’s Linked Learning program,...
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MOOCs and Academic Labor

In a recent CNN Opinion piece, Ashbury University professor David Wheeler argues that college professors are facing extinction due to the rising popularity of online college classes. He claims that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) help universities cut costs by reducing the need for instructors. But the short term...
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How Computer Games Help People Learn

David Williamson Shaffer’s talk, “How Computer Games Help People Learn” (Stockholm, September 2013), discusses the problems of modern education and how technology can be used to improve learning.
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Anti-MOOCS: The Design of MACROSIMs

David Williamson Shaffer’s talk, “Anti-MOOCS: The design of MACROSIMs (Massively Adaptive Complex Realistic Online Simulations with Integrated Mentoring)” (Stockholm, September 2013), discusses what’s wrong with the MOOC model and how MACROSIMs offer a better alternative, with an in-depth look at Nephrotex.
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