Quenching Burn-Out with Inspiration: Boosting Enrollment in STEM Programs

A recent article from Inside Higher Ed details a disturbing decline in enrollment rates among students in STEM fields. The article cites a study from the University of Michigan that examines data from 161 public universities, concluding that tuition differentials go hand-in-hand with enrollment: higher tuition corresponds directly to...
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New Animal Crossing Game Adds Motivation, Depth

Jenny Saucerman, a graduate student in the Epistemic Games Group, attended the inaugural farmer’s market of a new community garden project in Milwaukee last week. She watched Milwaukee residents gather around Mayor Tom Barrett as he congratulated everyone involved for their contribution to the community. The moment reminded her...
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A recent article in Slate warns that students enter medical school brimming with altruism and empathy but leave bitter and jaded. This may reflect the division of medical education into two very different phases. The first two years are comprised of classic schooling: lectures, textbooks, exams. Most medical students...
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The Absurdity of Teaching Practical Skills in the Classroom

A recent poll shows that students want to learn 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, global awareness, and communication. Fantastic! But here’s the kicker: they feel they’re not getting it in high school or college. Students show up at university expecting to gain professional skills applicable in the real world,...
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Acting Locally: New Approaches to Promoting Civic Engagement

There has been a marked decline in civic engagement in the United States over the past several decades. As Americans retreat from the visibility of their front porches to the privacy of their backyards, old patterns of community have been replaced by a preference for separateness and isolation. The...
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