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Future of Learning (Or, why school can never be as good as a cool video game)

A recent Medea Vox episode showcases a conversation between David Williamson Shaffer, professor of learning science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a game scientist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research; Morten Misfeldt, professor in mathematics, information and technology at Aalborg University; and Daniel Spikol, assistant professor at the Department...
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“Purple State” Virtual Internships

A recent article from the College of William & Mary news showcases a collaboration between the Epistemic Games Group and Jeremy Stoddard (College of William & Mary) that developed a new internship Purple State. In Purple State, high school students play the role of interns at a fictitious political...
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New Course Helps Engineering Students Become Student Engineers

The flexibility of online classes is emphasized in a recent article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showcasing our simulation-based engineering course. And while the course allows students to learn anywhere, anytime, it also help them develop the ability to collaborate with others to solve problems. MACROSIMs go beyond the...
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Dropping the Bomb

The power to drop nuclear weapons over the world’s largest cities has traditionally been in the hands of international military superpowers. But now, that power lies with anyone with an Internet connection. Not literally, of course. NUKEMAP, the online nuclear weapons detonation simulator, got an update this summer to...
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New York’s Latest Green Building Earns Black Marks

With widespread interest in sustainable design, ever more developers seek LEED, Energy Star, or other widely recognized certifications of green construction. Beneath these impressive eco-ratings, however, may be a discrepancy between design and operation. A recent article in the New Republic profiles New York City’s Bank of America Tower,...
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