ENA User Guide

Quick Launch

Create ENA sets

  1. Click the signup link to create a username and password.
  2. Set mode to “Create.”
  3. Select data file by uploading an .RData or .csv file. Data must be in columns and contain coded columns and meta data (identifying or classifying information) columns.
  4. Select units, stanzas, and trajectories (if desired).
  5. Select subset of units, stanzas, and trajectories.
  6. Select set or subsets of codes.
  7. Enter a name for ENA set and click “Create ENA Set.”

Plot ENA sets

  1. Set mode to “Plot.”
  2. Select ENA sets (created from “Create” mode”).
  3. Click “Open” under “Plotting Options” and a new pop-up window will open.
  4. Drag and reorder items in “Priority List” to change “Selection Tree.” Add items from the “Item Bank” to “Priority List” for more grouping options.
  5. Select desired units and colors from “Selection Tree.”
  6. Click on a plotted point to view network projections. Network projections will open in a separate tab


User Guides

ENA User Guide

How to Format Data for ENA



Sample Datasets

RS Data (by time) in CSV format (right-click and “save link as”)

RSdata_All in CSV format (right-click and “save link as”)

RS Data Description

Land_Science_data in CSV format

CommonCoreData in CSV format

Common Core Data Description

FMRIdata in CSV format



Contact our ENA Outreach Coordinator to ask questions, get advice, or learn more about the tool.



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